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Kalkan Port

We meet at our office at the latest at 10:00, but if you arrive earlier, you can choose a better place on the boat and allow you to spend a more enjoyable day all day long (09:30 for example).

After getting on the boat, our captain takes anchor and our first stop is Mouse Island.

Mouse island has a fascinating location with its nature and is a great place for snorkeling. Sea water  very clean and clear. 

Although the island is not suitable for walking, it has a small, clear bay. Our next stop is Gerenlik Beach.

Gerenlik Beach is a beach with a mixture of pebbles and sand, clayey soil suitable for mud bathing. It remained untouched as it is very difficult to reach by land. It is also a very nice beach for snorkeling. Those who want to go to the beach have to swim because the boat cannot dock on land.

Our next stop is Aquarium Bay. This clear and turquoise color bay is a paradise for those who want to swim and snorkel. 

Lunch is served here. At dinner, chicken and 4 types of appetizers are cooked fresh on our boat. Food quality is good and satisfying.

After the meal, stop at Fırnaz Bay. These coves, which are close to each other, are the most beautiful and cleanest regions of Turkey, where turquoise color meets green on the shore.

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